A wrap-up of the new Azure RemoteApp features

Last couple of months Microsoft released some new features for the Azure RemoteApp service. This blog will go over these features and compare it with the “first” version of the RemoteApp service. Of course there is no such thing like version releases in a cloud world but in my opinion Microsoft have now added the functionalities which I would have expected in an earlier stage. A great example is the VNET integration option without the need of a VPN. The last updates in this case will not just bring extra functionalities but will also make your life a lot easier when configuring and maintaining RemoteApp collections.

Now let’s go over the new features which have been added: … Read more…

A deep dive into Azure RemoteApp


Azure RemoteApp is a service from Microsoft which brings scale and agility to your business applications. This service provides global access to your corporate applications from anywhere and at any time. On 11th of December RemoteApp became general available so it is time to give an overview and some hands-on experience on this new azure service.

RemoteApp is designed based on the already existing service Remote Desktop Services (RDS) which you can add to a Windows Server 2012 installation. RemoteApp still requires some of the RDS components to actually run and to provide access to Windows applications in the cloud. I will come back on this details later on in this blog.

Scalability and cost-effectiveness are the main advances of RemoteApp as … Read more…