Azure CSP Subscription Migration Guidance

Last month I spend some time on migrating an Azure PAYG subscription to an Azure CSP subscription. It seems like moving around some resources between resource groups is not that complex but I ran into some issues during the move which made me write down this post.

Before we start with the actual migration you should first draft a plan based on the different type of resources in you Azure subscription. I have used the following approach:


In this step we collect all the information of the current subscription. You can use the following tools and steps to get the information:

  1. Use the Azure CSP Migration Assessment tool. This will give you a good overview of which resources can be migrated, which require some extra action and which cannot be moved. The output is something similar to this:

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RBAC model for Azure AD

A lot of companies are struggling with the setup of a RBAC model which fits their organisation. Especially when adopting more Cloud services, it becomes even more challenging. Azure subscriptions, resource groups, databases, key vaults are just some examples. Also, we connect SaaS and other applications to the directory which are accessible via the Access Panel ( What is the best approach using Azure AD groups? … Read more…