Integrate non-Azure AD gallery applications

Since the launch of the Azure AD administration console in the new Azure AD portal you need to know a couple of things to setup a Single Sign On configuration for an application which is not listed in the Azure AD gallery. This blog describes the steps to integrate non-Azure AD gallery applications.

The first step is to open the Azure AD administration console in the Azure portal and select the Enterprise applications: … Read more…

SSO: Azure AD & Jenkins

Lately i have configured a lot of Single Sign On (SSO) connections between various applications and Azure Active Directory. Azure Active Directory supports the most common applications out of the box. For these type of applications, the federation is preconfigured and it just requires some tenant specific entries to get things working. The steps to configure this are well documented at this location.

Some applications require some more advanced steps to enable a federation. In this post I will guide you through the setup of  a federation for the Jenkins application.


The setup of the Jenkins Single Sign On configuration requires the following components in the Jenkins and Azure AD configuration:

 Azure AD configuration

First we start with the setup of an Azure AD application context. … Read more…